Friday, 19 July 2013

Oscars trip to London

Took Osc to London for a treat for being getting such a good school report.  He has worked super hard and is above the national average achieving A's and B's. Also he got his Bronze cert in swimming and and also he got lucky and was rewarded for his hard work getting into phoenix class for year 4.  Good boy.
The trip to London was the best I'd ever had, seeing the sights through Oscars excited eyes. I worked in London for a while but have never seen all the tourist stuff and it was truly worth the visit! Osc had the best day ever and the whole trip was absolutely fantastic. It certainly helped we're in the middle of a heatwave, glorious weather.
We went to Green Park and onto Buckingham palace. Then caught this cab, below, to Big Ben, going passed the horsemans ground.  Houses or parliament amazing building. Osc found the spot where the pic on his t shirt was taken with the view of Big Ben and the London eye. Stu and Osc went onto the London ye, whilst I was too scared! Then we went to the National history museum, which Osc was less interested in, with exception of the girt shop selling teddies! From there we caught a big red London buss past Harrods and Oxford Circus and went for an evening meal at Tuttons in Covent Garden (after Osc has a quick ship in his fav shop 'paper chase') Then we caught a rickshaw all the way from Covent Garden to Kingscross and home. Can't get all the pics in the right order, but either way here they are XXX

1st London cab going to Big Ben!

By the London Eye

Big Ben!!!

New friend from bucks palace!

Spotted the Queens guard going through Green Park next to Bucks Palace.

Bigger than our gates!

Flags up, the Queens in then!!!

Silly parents!

Q Victoria statue

Very happy Oscar at Bucks Palace!

Daddy & Osc XX
On our way to Covent Garden

Covent Garden and it has a paper chase yay!!!
My beautiful baby boy XX

Hanging out at BB!

Horseman's something, great building!

Osc's new buddy!

phone pic

Q Victoria's statue with my boy X

Big Ben

Fabulous, sunny day at Buckingham Palace

Q Victorias Angel

Dinner at Tuttons

Covent Garden, wow cobbles!!!

Oscar: "What is THAT, can we go on it?"

National History Museum, ROAR!
Amazing trip, happy boy! XXX

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