Monday, 8 April 2013

What is the difference between boys & girls?

I think these two pictures fully explain the difference between boys and girls:

Izzy age 4 "When I grow up, I want to be a doctor to fix people"

Ozzy  age 7 "I want to grow up shoot people and be a Cowboy!"

I was in the utility room, after school today and shooooo'd the kiddies out, as I could hear the workmen above the ceiling and feared they'd come crashing through the ceiling.  "OUT!" I shouted at them, Izzy stepped back to the door threshold. "Why?" she enquired.  I replied "because if the workman crash through the ceiling they'll squish you!" Izzy answered "But Mummy they'll squish you if you stay there too, come out!"

Ozzy's (boy) response: he remains in the utility and talks over Izzy, "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, (got my attention) err ...which do you think is cutest, a Kitten or an Ocelot?"

Firstly I have no idea what an Ocelot is, but I do know Ozzy completely missed the big picture (ceiling crashing in). I think boys think differently, quite singularly. 

I wonder if it stems back to the cave man days where men/boys single mindedly pursued the woolly mammoth, despite all danger.  And when women/girls had to endear themselves to a group, using emotional intelligence to survive.  

Anyway all I know is my little boy is always so focused on something, that we have THE most bizarre conversations.  Ozzy thinks in lists, everything has a hierarchy.  Even breakfast (6am), "What are your top three favourite breakfasts Mummy? Mines Weeetabix first, err then second favourite is Shreddies and my third favourite is Ready Brek!"  
...Arghhhhh...  Mine is 1) A sleep in!  2) Breakfast in Bed & 3) An overnight Nanny.

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