Thursday, 18 April 2013

children's strange fads

What is it with children, they always have something they can not be parted with! 
With my son it was his muslin, then named snoopy, after he lost it in Italy and I was frantically describing it to the hotel receptionist and she finally said (Italian accent) "Ah yeees... a SNOOOOPY" I thought then for years that in Italy, muslins were called Snoopys, until I made friends with an Italian girl who gave me a strange look when I said Oscar had learned the italian word for muslin and that it was snoopy. We later realised the hotel receptionist  was actually just referencing Linus (snoopy's blanket carrying friend) and that it had all got lost in translation!  
Anyhow Ozzy went "nowhere" without his snoopy, until he was 4.  Me?  Apparently everywhere I went I found a stick and took it with me.  
Izzy however seems to be finding it hard to part with her addiction.  She 'has' to wear  an old pair of broken, orange, bob the builder goggles, that used to belong to Oscar, no matter where she is or who she is with.  She has no sense of our horror, as we trail her around Sainsburys or M&S, as she wears the said goggles!  She loves them and obviously feels like they are, for some reason? part of her being!!  Anyhow, here are a few pics of Iz wearing her goggles over the years!

Goggles first started at the age of 2! Note missing perspex!
Goggles still going strong, age 3!

No Jubilee party is complete without said goggles!

Breakfast, with goggles AND sunglasses, thinking of straying from the orange eyewear!??

The Orange goggles triumph, Izzy age 4 in M&S, sporting the now famous broken orange goggles!

I have to say I have visions of her wearing these on her first day of school, or worse a first date, or in jobs interviews!

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