Friday, 5 April 2013

New Mummy Blogger on the block!

There are so many funny, inspiring and honest mummy blogs out there, that I'm not sure there is space for one more Mummy blog! ...but I thought I'd nervously dip my toe in and if nothing else document my children's early years... so here goes:

After years of feeding, burping, angsting over which brand of pureed baby food and potty training, it looks like I am finally coming up for air!

Before I had babies, (when I was a grown up) I was a broadcast journalist. I thought (foolishly) being a journalist and used to hostile situations, that these tools might prepare me for navigating being a new mummy, but in retrospect NOTHING could have prepared me for the 24/7 demands of babies or the unreasonableness of an eight month old when faced with carrots and how a toddlers refusal to share could bring me to tears. 

So anyway now I am a Mummy to a little boy (7) and a toddling girl (3). Both now speaking, so I am currently learning to replace the phrase "FFS!" for "Darling no, don't do that!"Married to Mr Deaf (deaf only towards to me) ...don't worry, he'll never bother to read this Mummy blog!

I have a part time job now creating youtube ads for new gadgets and toys and cope wonderfully with multi.... no I don't, I don't cope, its chaos! My Mum thinks I'm neurotic and facebook and ebay have now replaced grown up social activities like 'real' shopping or going out for cocktails, as I'm too exhausted to do either... I'm also too exhausted to read 50 shades of grey, if you know what I mean!! 

I live in the suburbs in England, which means I carry a large Cath Kidston bag full of 'kid crap" Need regular tea breaks, I am slightly overweight and drink a little too much wine.

... And last, but by no means least, I have two beautiful, all be them exhausting, but two truly gorgeous children that make my whole crazy life make sense. I hardly have any childhood photos  of myself and have divorced parents, so little by way of coherent memories or stories from my childhood and am really keen to put my journalistic training to 'some' use and document my children's childhoods.

My children are Ozzy 7 and Izzy 3 and obviously I adore them and most of all I adore them when they are sleeping! Taking off my microphone and donning a 'pinny' was actually the most fulfilling thing I could ever do. Hope you enjoy our little adventures, as I have enjoyed many of yours. 

This is my family!

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