Monday, 8 April 2013

Happy Birthday Ozzy! A pic for every birthday!

Ozzy is 8 tomorrow, I am almost tearful at the speed he is growing up but also HUGELY proud of what a good, kind and clever boy he has grown into.  He has  always been compassionate and loving and bursting with energy.  I don't know how I steered that, he is truely fabulous!

8th birthday party pic to follow after saturday, meanwhile he is a pic of him on each birthday, including literally his birth day! (had a bit of a fad for pirate tee shirts too!)
Ozzy Born 2005

Ozzy age 1, party at home.

Ozzy turns 2, dinner with his best mate Ruby!

Age 3, Party with nursery friends and cousin.

Ozzy turns 4, shared party with his best friend.

Oz turns 5, forgot to take a pic at the softplay centre!

Oz turns 6, big home party and OMG never again!

Oz turns 7 with his schoolies, tire them out with bowling!

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