Monday, 29 April 2013

Homework, test in common sense!

Keeping in mind Oscar is in year 3 and officially a year ahead in his academic attainment, here is a recent homework he was set and his hilarious answers:

Homework:  You are on an Island with lots of trees, you have books, clothes in a bag, some bananas, some rope and a saw... How do you escape??

Oscar's answers (hard not to laugh as I write this) : Ozzy "I would used the saw as a paddle.  Use the bag of clothes as a bed."  
Me: What about the trees? Oscar: "I would take the bark off the trees, for clothes" (I am crying with laughter now!) 
Me: What about the books?  Oscar: "I'd wear the books on my head, to keep the sun off, because it would be hot."
Me: What about the bananas?  Oscar: "I would use them to make a raft!"

Needless to say, this was another piece of homework that needed steering!  They really ought to have a session a week to teach common sense!!

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