Monday, 8 April 2013

why men can't tidy up after the children.

I have 2 children and I can JUST about keep on top of the mess, if I keep repeating the order "If you're not playing with it, please put it away now!", why are husbands unable to implement this? Are the words too hard to form in their mouths?  Are they unable to see the mess building up?  
My hubby is usually either asleep on the sofa when I return, or heavily engaged in a children's movie, or playing with the children, for which I am usually secretly jealous.  I always seem to be too wrapped in chores to enjoy the moment and play, though only because I know it is 'I' left holding the dustpan (so to speak). I know the answer... I just need my own wife!  

The playroom, oh dear... votes please, should I tidy or just close the door??!

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