Monday, 8 April 2013

Disaster birthday to you!

Poor hubby, its his birthday but... not only did Izzy wake up '4!!!' times last night at the grand old age of 4 years old... and not only did the day get off to a doubly bad start when we realised we forgot last nights homework due to swimming, so consequently we had to bark orders at Ozzy to do his homework, in between his spoonfuls of Weetabix, but now I have killed his cake!

How hard can this be?  I can make great buns and surely a cake is one huge bun?  But no, having used the best organic ingredients I could get my mitts on and spent hours in the kitchen, I totally misjudged the accuaracy of the recipe's directions saying "icing is ready when it clings to the bottom on the spoon"  NO IT ISN'T!!!!


                            It even has its own icing moat! :(

update: aha all was not lost, here's an update on the most amazeballs tasting cake!!  With a little help from my friend (mainly a transatlantic kick up the bum) from my American friend who (name dropping) just so happens to have won the best cake maker in America!!  ...quite literally ...anyway she humoured me and directed this cake. Still not perfect to look at (can't quite get to grips with icing!) However it is YUM and pretty, it won't in any awards, but I'm really proud of it!

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