Monday, 8 April 2013

Best Mummy gadget in town! Even beats the rabbit...

I've bought myself a robot hoover, much to my husband's horror and also despite him telling me "it won't actually work".  I am ecstatic to report it actually does work and well!  I've left it almost a week before singing its praises, as to be honest I was partly waiting for it to fail, as it seemed too good to be true! But it happily does corners and edges and systematically cleans my floor instead of me.  In fairness I am faster, but on the other hand whats the rush I can do other things whilst he beavers away!

Not only does it vac, but it simultaneously mops!!!!!   I kid you not!  Only downside is its not for rugs or carpets (obviously, as you don't want them mopped!)  But the whole of our downstairs is wood floors and I simply fold over the fireside rug, so that the robot hoover doesn't try climb on and start mopping my £*&? rug!

The only peculiar thing is that it occasionally tries to mount the kitchen stool mistaking it for its doc, or maybe his mate? he does really go at it and I have to pull him back off!

Anyhow, I think my hubby is now becoming a tad jealous, as I too frequently announce "I LOVE my robot!".  Oh but I do... I set him off and he vacs the whole of the downstairs, whilst I shower and dry my hair!!!!

The only real downside is that I have to keep him away from the kiddies, as they think he'd could be a good ride on toy.  
However, I have pondered giving him eyes and a wig and telling them he's actually a pet, if only to stop the 'can we have a dog/cat/hamster/pony'! ...And sealing the deal with a "well no-one else at school will have one!" 

So, today I finally got to watch my favourite trash, 'Real Housewives of Beverley Hills', whilst enjoying a cup of tea, with the vac on the quiet hoover setting... things are certainly looking up!  :)

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