Monday, 8 April 2013

bowled over!

I had genuinely forgotten how much fun bowling can be and sadly I had also forgotten how to actually hit the pins??  My daughter merrily kicked the balls down the alley and my son bowled so slowly that we could turn around, sit down and watch as they slowly rotated their way to knocking over the pins.  Despite these unusual bowling techniques Izzy's and Ozzy's freestyle approaches still had them score double my points, each!

Funnier was Izzy's disbelief that she was witnessing something 'I' was rubbish at.  She tugged at my top, with a furrowed brow and scrunched up little nose and said "Mummy are you 'not' good at this?" and looked really confused when I agreed and said "No!"

Then Ozzy came up to me, just before I attempted to bowl and conspiratorially said "Mummy you can do it, just concentrate!" and he kissed my hand and then the ball for good luck... I then proceeded to send the ball hurtling down the gully and when I turned around I witnessed him look utterly crestfallen in a backward glace, as the ball missed every single pin!

But the wonderful thing is in these moments I realised that to my children (errr and only my children) I have rock star status!  I am good at everything, I am clever, wise, multi skilled and all knowing...   So to stay that way, I just need to keep them really young, somehow... hmmm and stay away from bowling alleys!

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