Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Amazing new pocket money toy!

Am soooooooooo excited, I have invented a toy, one that any child can afford and it is brill!  Even if I do say so myself! ...and so brill in fact that it has just hit the shelves of Sainsburys, in the UK!!

Here's a pic I just took, whilst out shopping (squeals!!).  It took a lot of restraint on my part not to buy a bottle of champagne and just knock it back whist staring at the Sainsburys shelf with 'MY' "Zip Warriors" sitting there.  Anyhow, here is a link to the youtube promo ad (that's my real job! Making these sizzle ad for toys/gadgets.) to explain the product.

Thank you Ozzy, my little inspiration, watching him and his pals when they started reception and were playing with this style of toy!  Oooh also little Ozzy and friends are staring in the sizzle ad.

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