Saturday, 6 April 2013

No 'me time' for Mummy

Izzy is just weaning out of nighttime nappies and Ozzy just able to competently read alone, so to me this trumpeted a hint of freedom and a slither of a possibility that I might just start looking after myself a teeny bit more again. So, what perfect a time to start than err now!
However with Ozzy's verruca needing 'weekly??' treatments for the foreseeable and a back log of after-school tea IOU's still outstanding, spare time is looking thin on the ground. Add to that Izzy dropping a day at nursery and I realise I might not have thought through the logistics of how this 'looking after me' might actually happen!

I went to a new hairdresser in November, mainly as she came recommended  because she makes you feel special!  I was told she asks questions like "what don't you like about your hair now", "what changes would you like me to make and what is the best quality you look for in a hairdresser?"  That day my son was sick, so he was with me (one of them is ALWAYS sick) and I heard my own reply as it arrived to her taken aback face "speed' I said ...SPEED???!

So come New Year I thought 'changes are afoot' ...but now, the romance of New Year resolutions has well and truly faded and I look at myself in the mirror and feel beaten.  There is STILL no hint of a Yummy Mummy insight.  Ozzy was born in March 2005 and I am now facing my 8th year of chipped nails, dip dyed roots (I was so ahead of time!) and Gillian McKeith (diet guru) enraging meals!

Oh well there's always next year!

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