Monday, 8 April 2013

The best made plans!

Well somethings are just not meant to be. Firstly I ended up with a chest infection on Ozzy's actual birthday, making it REALLY hard to function, but somehow you do as a Mum. Then 2 days later, powered by amoxicillin I managed to rally for his big birthday party, so much so, I even managed to bake the 40 buns he was desperate for in the 2 hours before!  
My husband went ahead 45 mins before with Ozzy to the party destination and I was to follow mid party, with the buns and Izzy (as Izzy was too young to attend the sports bit of the party.)

So I iced the buns with dyed blue and pink fresh cream (a scary first!) got Izzy all dressed up, threw a few more tablets down my neck and brushed on some blusher for fake health... only to find myself caught up in the scene of an accident I couldn't leave.

I was driving down the country lane and a woman clean knocked a poor chap off his bike. I found myself stopping my car and been first at the scene. Which meant trying to call for an ambulance, reassuring him that he was going to be ok, (I wasn't sure of that at all,) his helmet was in pieces and his back was hurting with him. 
Then more help arrived and it was this man determined to roll him onto his back, so I was insisting that was not the right thing to do arghhhh, then another person and thank goodness as my phone seemed to not ring 999, I later realised it was routing through to my car. 
Then the woman who knocked him over arrived saying sorry, but later I had to insist she stayed, as she was trying to leave!! Then I went looking for first aid help and we were so lucky to find a gp in one of the cars backing up. My little girl Izzy was so patient, she really is good. 
Anyhow the ambulance took 35 mins to arrive and I spend much of it holding this mans head still.  
Consequently I missed most of Ozzy's 8th birthday party, I arrived for the last 20 mins and he and his friends were having a ball!  I'm not sure he noticed my absence, though I felt terribly guilty.

The thing though that was the biggest, unexpected reward was just before bed I hugged Ozzy and said "I am so, so sorry I couldn't be at your party, I hope you understand why it was important for mummy to help the cyclist..." and Ozzy replied "Mummy I'm glad helped that man, to make him better before coming to my party, that was more important!"   I then realised he has grown into a wonderfully compassionate 8 year old little boy, right before my eyes and without me noticing. He has a heart of gold and I feel so so proud of him! I am a very, very lucky Mummy!

Ta darr and they even survived the accident! Super buns!

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